Discovering the Beauty of Havre de Grace Public Art

From sculptures, murals, and installations scattered throughout the city, Havre de Grace public art is a haven for art lovers and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, exploring the city’s thriving art scene is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Historical & Iconic Murals

Start your art exploration of Havre de Grace public art with the impressive historical murals depicted on the city’s walls. These murals showcase the city’s rich history and culture. 

Drive by Pennington Ave near Lodge Lane, where artist Shawn Forton depicts “The People of Havre de Grace”. This historical mural tells the story of a valiant battle fought against the British during the War of 1812.


Nearby is a mural of the iconic Concord Point Lighthouse. This is one of the newest additions to Havre de Grace’s mural collection, painted by artist Jimmy “Jimmyo” Burril. The mural is located on the east-facing outer wall of the Havre de Grace Visitor’s Center.

But perhaps the most impressive collection of murals in Havre de Grace is on Market Street, as part of what will soon be launched as “Graw Alley”, an immersive art park. The park was designed and developed by 501(c)-3 non-profit, Harmers Town Art Center, Inc. The Graw features a variety of murals depicting historical subjects connected to the history of the town, painted largely by prominent local artist, Ezra Berger.


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The city’s public art scene also includes a range of sculptures with varying themes. Visit Millard Tydings Memorial Park to see the life-sized bronze statue commemorating the life of Ernest Burke, Havre de Grace native, marine veteran and team member on the Elite Giants from the Negro Baseball League.  

A variety of historical sculptures and monuments can be found all around the city, honoring the lives of historical figures and fallen veterans, such as the Gold Star Memorial at Concord Point Park and the Sgt. Alfred B. Hilton Memorial at David Craig Park.

Illuminated metal fish sculpture comprised of smaller metal fish.

Another popular sculpture in Havre de Grace is the Fish sculpture, “Big Fish, School of Fish”, a Stainless steel sculpture depicting a large Rockfish (Striped Bass) cantilevered over a signature sidewalk vignette, located at Concord Point Park on the waterfront. Installed in 2019, this sculpture serves as a tribute to the history of Havre de Grace’s fishing industry.

Art Galleries

As a designated Arts & Entertainment district, it’s no surprise that Havre de Grace is home to local artists who dabble in a variety of mediums. Aside from the sculptures and murals, local art galleries provide a space for the artistic community to put their hard work on display for the public to enjoy.

A great place to start or finish a self-guided tour of public art in Havre de Grace, art galleries offer a way to enjoy and even purchase locally inspired and created artwork in all forms – from oil paintings to hand-crafted jewelry.

Stop by Arts by the Bay Gallery, located at 307 St John Street, to shop or browse – you’ll find impressive works of self-expression, landscape paintings and photography of well-known landmarks and much more.

Brown brick storefront with large black trimmed doorway and matching lanterns.

The newest addition to Havre de Grace is Gallery 220, a fine art destination established by the Havre de Grace Arts Collective. This gallery is not only the home of rotating art installments, but also hosts live model studio workshops (led by local artist Pamela Wilde) and other events that promote arts and culture, like the an August 10th poetry slam and July 15th literary readings. 


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More on Public Art in Havre de Grace

Havre de Grace’s public art scene makes the city unique and worth exploring. From historical murals to sculptures and immersive installations, each piece adds to the vision of a thriving creative community. Next time you visit Havre de Grace, why not add a visit to the city’s public artworks to your itinerary? It’s sure to be an inspirational and memorable outing.

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