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The Lafayette Trail

NEW: The Lafayette Trail App narrates the history of the City through the voices of famous citizens as you view their homes and businesses.  Meet residents from the past and see current and historic photos.  The tour is approximately 3 miles long, with 37 stops covering 57 properties.

  1. Download the Distrx app from your phone’s app store (Distx for Android / Distrx for iPhone) or access the QR code on the rack card (available at the Visitor Center at 450 Pennington Ave.)
  2. Ensure your Bluetooth and Location are turned on by checking under Settings at the 3 bars.
  3. Open the Distrx app that should take you directly to Havre de Grace.  If not, simply tap on 3 bars and “DISTRICTS.”
  4. Tap “Tours” and then “Lafayette Trail” to get started.

The Lafayette Trail, a self-guided tour of Historic Havre de Grace. The trail is a continuous 3-mile loop through the City indicated by sidewalk markings and “Walk the Lafayette Trail” signs posted along the way. You will see blue numbered medallions embedded in the sidewalk. These denote properties in the Lafayette trail brochure which is available at the Visitor Center, 450 Pennington Ave.

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